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Introducing Our New Street Style Trend Tracker

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“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been. Always will be,” said the late, great photographer Bill Cunningham, for whom the whole world was a runway. In the early 2000s a younger generation of snappers started hitting the pavement and soon synched their schedules with those of the international fashion weeks, creating what was then a new phenomenon.

Vogue’s new Street Style Trend Tracker.

Street style, as we came to call it, is basically next-level people-watching delivered instantly to our digital devices. It takes the pulse of trends and offers vicarious and seriously addictive pleasure that never gets old. Think you’re in deep? Think again. Our new Street Style Trend Tracker allows you to filter more than a thousand tagged images (and counting) from nine fashion capitals by item, color, treatment, trend, and more. Want to see all the leather looks at the men’s shows in Milan? The neon in Tokyo? Sweatshirts everywhere? Now you’re the one choosing the filter. Follow your vision!

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