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Iguana wanders into Bonita Springs furniture store

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BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.–A furniture store owner in Bonita Springs had a rowdy and uninvited customer sneaking through the back door earlier this week, causing such a ruckus that he had to call a professional.

“He was about as afraid as I was. He froze, I froze!” 

Hugh Boland is the owner of total business supply and furniture in Bonita Springs. He sees visitors of all shapes and sizes come in, but Wednesday was a bit different. 

“It was late afternoon on Wednesday and I was actually in the back room washing my hands and I heard something.” Boland said

He came out to see a nearly 3-foot-long lizard in his showroom.

Boland called up a local trapper, Seth Brattain, who had to wrangle the iguana with his bare hands. 

“Honestly, it’s called free styling.” Brattain said. 

“Its absolutely insane. If you leave a small opening for anything… anything will get in.”

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